Simply American Dog Treat Truck

The best dog treats come from a truck

Simply American Dog Treat Truck! The best dog treats come in a truck. All of our treats are Sourced and Made in the U.S. No additives or preservatives. Just delicious dog treats.

Peanut and Weenut Crunch Dog Toys

Peanut Crunch.jpg
Peanut Crunch.jpg

Peanut and Weenut Crunch Dog Toys

from 10.50

Everyone loves a giant peanut…and now you can get it Crunchy! A special lining inside makes Peanut and Weenut sound and feel crunchy.

Just like the original Peanut & Weenut toys, these are textured, bouncy, float-able, easy on teeth & gums, and they smell like peanuts.

Dogs love the barbell-style shape to carry and chase around the pool, yard or home.
String on a rope for extended throwing action. Ideal for cute photo-ops! Peanut is 6.125”. Weenut is 4.625”.

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